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Mobile for small orchestra (2012)

Didactic work (level cycle 2)

(2fl./3 clar. (or htb for the clar.1 part)/1 trp Bb or 1 Eb saxophone/ 2 percussionists/2 pianos and string quintet.

Commissioned by the City of Garges-lès-Gonesse and the General Council of Val-d'Oise as part of a composer's residency.

Created on May 15, 2013 in Garges-lès-Gonesse, Espace Lino-Ventura

Duration: ca. 6' - François Dhalmann Editions


Written for a cycle 2 student orchestra, the instrumental parts are homogeneous in terms of level (medium difficulty). The real work lies in the fact of playing in an orchestra (balance, density, homogeneity, modes of play, etc.). Like all my didactic works, it is a real work in the formal sense of the term. It's my music, but simplified in order to be playable more easily. A great requirement is required here : the instrumentalists will have to take care to play in the slightest detail what is noted on the score, with sensitivity.


The title Mobile refers to my style of writing where the music constantly evolves and never stays in place for very long. For a good interpretation, it requires a physical and psychological attitude of continual attention in order to translate this poetics of the moment specific to mobiles, such as those of Alexander Calder.

For reasons of available instruments, it is possible to replace an instrument by another in addition to what I propose (clarinet by oboe or trumpet by saxophone)

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