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Sketch for solo viola (2001)

Esquisse pour alto seulGarth Knox
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Revised in 2018

Work for learning (6/7 year)

Public premiere on 22/10/2021 at the CRR of Bourg-la-Reine by Garth Knox

Editions Francois Dhalmann . Duration: approx: 3'



This small work is written for learning an instrument.

I wanted to offer apprentice musicians a real work in the formal sense of the term. So it's really my music but simplified in order to be playable more easily. Writing in no way yields to the ease of use that too often prevails when writing for students. A great requirement and sensitivity are required here. The instrumentalists must therefore take care to play very precisely what is noted on the score, down to the smallest detail, without adding anything.


Sketch , because it contained in germ all the potentialities of a work of larger format. It was done in 2018 under the title Intime for viola and piano, a 12-minute work in 3 parts linked together without interruption. Sketch is today the 2nd part of Intime (with piano "accompaniment") and some of its motifs are constitutive of the other parts of Intime.

It can of course be played alone.

Esquisse 1.jpg
ESQUISSE version 2018.musx.jpg
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