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Dual (2006)

Dual for 2 oboes (2006) or 2 Bb clarinets or oboe and Bb clarinet.

Didactic work (Beginning of cycle III)

Duration: ca. 3'.  Editions François Dhalmann


Dual: in mathematics, is said of properties which are by two and which present a character of reciprocity.

About didactic works :


These little works are written for learning an instrument.

Unlike “pedagogical” works, I wanted to offer apprentice musicians real works in the formal sense of the term. It's my music, but simplified in order to be more easily playable: the writing does not yield to any ease of use as soon as one writes for students. On the contrary, a great requirement is required here: the instrumentalists will have to take care to play very precisely what is noted on the score, in the smallest detail, without adding anything and with sensitivity.

They can be played in concert by professional musicians.

Dual version 2 hautbois.mus1.jpg
Dual version 2 hautbois.mus2.jpg
C_Users_BdV_Documents_A COMPOSITION (BON
C_Users_BdV_Documents_A COMPOSITION (BON
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